About Our Business

AB Aquatics, Inc. offers comprehensive aquatic invasive weed management for waterbodies in NH, MA, ME and VT.

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The leader in Aquatic Invasive Weed Management


What We Do


Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH)

A DASH unit aids in the efficiency of our underwater harvesting. Contrary to popular assumption, this is not a underwater vacuum for the plants. The most intragale part of our job is the hand removal of each root system to ensure full extraction. Then and only then is the plant fed into our DASH suction hose so that the diver can move onto the next plant quickly. Additionally, eliminating the need to carry around the removed plant material.


Customized Equipment

Each off season our equipment is fine tuned to continue the aim of safer, more efficient service for our customers. Safety and efficiency go hand in hand in our company. Keeping safety our number one priority ensures our team members can focus on the job with ease of mind using quality, serviced, and approved equipment.

Highly Trained Dive Professionals

Our most important asset to you, our customer, is our dive professionals. Our divers come from many backgrounds. Once under the AB Aquatics, Inc. umbrella, our divers gain quality experience and training, bringing their knowledge to the next level. Our intensive training program ensures that even the most experienced divers learn our proprietary methods and skills that allow us to perform safely, consistently, and efficiently.


A Few of Our Projects

Proven Success in the fight to save our Waters


Big Island Pond

Derry, NH

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Lake Winnipesaukee

Moultonborough, NH

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Northwood Lake

Northwood, NH

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